The meal portion of the plan provides credits for prepaid meals at Hopper Dining Hall and the Gamecock Diner. When using meals at Hopper you can eat them in any combination of the all-you-care-to-eat breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. The only restriction on board meals is that you are allowed only one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner per day (except on the unlimited plan which allows unlimited dining all day at Hopper only). The meal plan can be used only by the valid cardholder. If the student wishes to treat a friend, he/she must use dollars from their flex account. On the 14 or 10 meals per week plan, the meals are reset each week on Monday morning for a new set of meals for the upcoming Monday through Sunday period. If you do not use all of your 14 or 10 meals within the week they will not roll over to the next week. There are no refunds on the unused meals.

The meal plan also provides a declining balance account of flex dollars to be used at campus dining locations such as Hopper Dining Hall, Gamecock Diner, WOW Cafe and Wingery, Jazzman's Cafe and Coffee Shop and the Montgomery Food Court which includes Chick-fil-A, Freshen's, and Mein Bowl. The flex dollar portion of the plan is preset at the beginning of the semester depending on the plan you have chosen. Think of the flex dollars as a declining balance just like your checking account. As items are purchased the cost is deducted from the balance in your flex account by using your JSU ID card just like a debit card. Your new balance can be obtained immediately after the transaction. The flex dollars will roll over semester to semester within the academic year in which they are purchased but will not carry over to the following academic year. All flex dollars are cleared at the end of the July session. There are no refunds on the unused flex dollars left in your account.

When you fill out your application for a campus dorm you will be asked to choose your plan and your MyJSU account will be billed the $1,870.00 resident dining fee. If you do not select a plan on your housing application you will be placed on the default plan of 10 meals per week with $400 flex dollars. You will be allowed to make changes to the plan through the last official day to register for classes as determined on the academic calendar. Or, if you prefer, simply fill out the plan selection form and hit submit. This does not charge your MyJSU account it only tells us which meal plan you choose

There are four options to pay for a commuter meal plan.

·      Option #1 – CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD
Pay on our website at
Or call 256-782-7242 to pay by phone.

·      Option #2 – FINANCIAL AID
Pay on our website at
You can use financial aid voucher if you live off campus, commute, or live in a campus apartment.  All other school fees must be paid on your MyJSU account and you must have excess funds in the amount of the chosen meal plan after all other fees have been paid.

Pay on our website at
Only students that have an eligible scholarship(s) are able to submit this form. The eligible scholarship(s) must be able to be applied towards meal plan or flex charges.  Please note that any Academic Merit Scholarships or Tuition-Based Scholarships are NOT eligible to go towards a meal plan or flex dollars.

If you live in Crow, Curtiss, Daugette, Dixon, Fitzpatrick, Logan, Meehan, Patterson, or Sparkman your MyJSU account will automatically be billed for the meal plan as part of your campus fees.  Please fill out the Meal Plan Selection form to let us know which plan you choose.


If you choose the block plan or flex plan it must be paid in full at the time of purchase. If you choose the unlimited, 14 or 10 plan you can pay in full or pay half at the time of purchase with the other half due on October 1st for the fall semester and February 1st for the spring semester. If you choose the second option you must make your first down payment with a credit card that will be billed automatically for the second payment on the payment due date. If for some reason the card is rejected your meal plan will be cancelled until payment is received. You are responsible for the full purchase price with no exceptions.Registrations for off campus plans are not accepted through our web page. You can call (256) 782-7242 if you want to pay with a credit/debit card or you can stop by the office located in Hopper Dining Hall to pay with cash or check

Meal plans are non-refundable unless you withdraw from the university and request a refund in writing to Sodexo.  The refund will be issued only for the semester from which you withdraw.  There will be no refunds for previous semesters; however, any unused flex dollars will remain available for the academic year.  

Students will be allowed to make changes to the plan through the last day to register for the semester as determined by the academic calendar. Once this decision is made you will be using this plan throughout the semester. Your next option to change will be the following semester.

Fill out the Meal Plan Selection Form located here:  Just remember all changes must be made by the last day to register for classes.

As a first time student you will be issued a JSU ID card during your orientation visit. If you are not attending an orientation you can acquire your card from the ID office located on the second floor of the Theron Montgomery Building after you have registered for classes. If you are a returning student you will use the same ID year after year throughout your JSU attendance. Your meal plan and flex dollars will be accessed with this ID card.

You should report your card as "lost" immediately to the ID office where you will be issued a different card at a replacement cost of $25.00. The lost card will be invalidated

Board meals on the unlimited, 14, 10 and 80 plans are to be used at Jack Hopper Dining Hall or the Gamecock Diner.

Our office is only a phone call away at 256-782-7242. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. You can email us.

Visit our website for more details at here